About us

About us

Founded in 1918 Ryokan “Morigen”

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In 1918, founder Gennosuke Moriyama started as a small restaurant at first and set up the name “Morigen”. After that, he opened as a japanese style hotel.
Then the hotel burnt down in the Tango big earthquake in 1927, and it was relocated to the current location.
Getting big benefit from local industry “Tango-Chirimen” , and we are welcoming today with the patronage of not only local people but customers from all over the world.

Entrance sign

Founder Gennosuke Moriyama

A banquet hall in the past

Kyotango-city, the inner part of Kyoto-pref
facing the beautiful sea of japan.

Kyotango City is the northernmost part of the Japan Standard Time meridian at 135 degrees east longitude, and is the inner part of Kyoto facing the Sea of Japan.
Surrounded by the crystal clear sea and the beautiful nature that changes with the each seasons, we have been running a cozy inn with our family for generations. Please spend your precious time with your loved people in a relaxed atmosphere as a hideaway in a small town that has been soaked in the passage of time since the Taisho era.

On Tango Peninsula, which is blessed with nature, various leisure activities are increasing. The staffs of this hotel are also local surfer whose home point is the local sea “Haccho-beach”. Not only enjoying surfing school, sea kayaking, e-Bike cycling, and jigging boats, but such as beach clean and manufacturing experience with marine plastic you picked up at the beach, experience of local industry Tango Chirimen, etc. Ene if you come here without any plan, there is an environment where customers can make plans in here.
It is also possible to introduce reliable leisure businesses that are connected to us. We hope that you will experience and enjoy the nature of Tango.

Our staffs are always full of energy!

The owners of this hotel

We love to surf.

Our 100th anniversary event

3 types of our stay plans

1.One night with two meals(A full course dinner and breakfast)
・2 people ~ 24,750yen/per person

2.One night with breakfast 
・2 people ~ 13,200yen/per person

3.One night without meals 
・2 people ~ 9,900yen/per person

  • Prices vary depending on the number of people, weekdays, the day before public holidays, and specific days (GW, Obon, New Year holidays).
  • Please check the reservation page for detailed price plans.
    *A local snow crab plan will be added in winter season.